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Industry Benchmarks

ValuePhy helps you benchmark your customers against their industry peers to identify pain points and quantify opportunities for improvement.

ValuePhy can also instantly determine the economic benefit of 1% improvement to your selected KPI allowing you to build winning business cases quickly.


Build Powerpoint
Business Cases

Stop wasting time building PowerPoints for your Business Cases. Watch this video to learn how ValuePhy can help you build value based PowerPoint business cases in seconds.

ValuePhy automatically builds customized business cases for your customers both as a PowerPoint and as an HTML web file that you can share directly with your customers.


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Financial Information

Stop wasting time scrapping your customers' earnings and financial reports to determine their pain points.

ValuePhy lets you pull up real-time income statement, balance sheet and cash flow information about your customers in seconds. Simply provide your cusotmer name to ValuePhy and let it do the reast. Watch the video to see how.


Build Your Own
Custom Benchmarks

This demo video shows you how to build your own custom benchmarks by combining the power of ValuePhy's access to customer financial information with your own internally built benchmarks.


Get the Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Correct Every Time

See how ValuePhy helps you incorporate the correct Weighted Average Cost of Capital in your business cases so you can avoid inflating your business case and losing credibility with your customer or deflating your business case and losing to competition.


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