ValuePhy helps you quickly build a business case with quantifiable and monetary benefits for your customers and prospects. Simply put, instead of walking into a customer meeting and saying “my awesome product does bla bla bla and has yada yada yada features”, ValuePhy helps you shift that conversation to focus more on the monetary value of your product. ValuePhy helps you walk into that customer meeting and say: “my amazing product will help your company save XXX dollars a year”.
Consider the following example:
Jenny is a Sales Executive working for a software company that sells enterprise supply chain solutions. She has been working hard over the last 3 months to secure a meeting with John, the VP of Supply Chain at a major retailer called Walmark, to tell him about her company’s new supply chain app. She finally secures the meeting but during the meeting John tells her that despite the amazing features of her app he doesn’t see a business need for it at Walmark and will have a hard time justifying the investment and securing funding to purchase the product.
Jenny immediately pulls up her mobile phone and launches ValuePhy and proceeds to ask it a few simple questions:

Jenny looks back up at John and tells him “look, your inventory as a percentage of revenue in 2017 was 26% whereas the top 25 percentile of your industry peers were at 10% only. This means you are carrying more inventory and safety stock than your peers. Based on Walmark’s latest financial release, if you reduce your inventory by only 1% you can free up $6 million dollars in locked up working capital and inventory that you can then re-invest in your business. Given the features of my app and the incredible impact it has had on other retail customers it can reduce your inventory turns by almost twice that much, or 2%, unlocking $12 million dollars in working capital from your supply chain”.

John is now very intrigued. He asks Jenny to prepare a business case that he can present to his CFO. Jenny looks back at her phone and clicks on ValuePhy’s “Create Business Case Presentation feature” and fills out the form.

Within a few seconds ValuePhy prepares a customized business case and Jenny emails it over to John on the spot. John takes the PowerPoint business case from Jenny and presents it to his CFO. Within a couple of weeks Jenny receives a Purchase Order from Walmark for her supply chain app.

ValuePhy Question Types

Currently ValuePhy supports four broad categories of questions (to see examples of these questions click here).

Lookup key financial performance information. This category of questions helps you quickly pull up public information about your customer like Revenue, Inventories, Receivables, Payables and more. It also helps you calculate these metrics as a percent of revenue e.g. Receivables as a percent of revenue, Inventories as a percent of revenue, and so on.

Lookup financial statements. This category of questions allows you to instantly look up your customer’s income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements without have to pour through complex and lengthy annual statements and SEC filings.

Lookup industry benchmarks. This category of questions allows you to quickly pull up key benchmarks about a particular industry like Inventory Turns, Inventory as a percent of revenue, Receivables as percent of revenue and more.

Calculate financial benefits of process optimization. This category of questions allows you to do multiple things at the same time.
  1. It pulls up the financial performance benchmark of your customer
  2. It benchmarks your customer's financial performance against its industry peers and color codes the results (red, yellow, green) so you can quickly spot which metrics your customer is lagging behind on
  3. It calculates the monetary dollar benefit of reducing that particular performance metric by exactly one percent

Data and Benchmarks

Currently ValuePhy supports over 3,500 publicly traded companies on the United States Stock Exchange spanning 60 industries and sub-industries. ValuePhy is still a Beta Version and is constantly adding new companies every day.
To find out which companies are supported in a particular industry simply ask ValuePhy "Lookup all companies in Computer Hardware Industry" or "Lookup all companies in Application Software industry". If you are unsure about the name of the industry you can ask ValuePhy "List all industries".
If you can’t find a company try some of the following tips:
  • Double check that you have entered the correct spelling for the company
  • Try entering the full name of the company e.g. instead of typing “What is the revenue of Exxon?” try typing “What is the revenue of Exxon Mobile?”
  • If that still doesn’t work, try using the stock ticker of the company instead of the company name. E.g. Instead of entering “What is the revenue of Apple?” enter “What is the revenue of AAPL?”

If all that fails, please send us an email at and we will gladly add your company to ValuePhy. Our turnaround time is very quick.
Please note that we are restricting support for the Beta version to publicly traded companies on the U.S. Stock Exchange only.
ValuePhy uses data from audited and public financial statements that have been released by the companies themselves. So you can be confident that the data is accurate and reliable.
The industry benchmark data that ValuePhy uses has been calculated by constructing a mean distribution for financial performance metrics reported on corporate financial statements after accounting for and eliminating outliers. The data has been categorized by industry to ensure apples to apples comparison.

Support and Feedback

We always loving hearing from our customers. If you have any requests, feedback, or comments please email us at We have a very quick turnaround time!


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